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Mani Kalani



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Mani Kalani

Mani Kalani with a Ph.D. degree in anthropology, from Tehran University, started his serious encounter with the world of social sciences by critically narrating the key ideas and thoughts of 13 Iranian thinkers, which finally led to his published work in 3 volumes (2015-2020). These series alongside the task of editor-in-chief and writer of the three books for a similar project (development dialogues under the supervisorship of Dr. Mohsen Renāni; 2017-2023), have made a ground for him to be engaged in the problematic challenges of contemporary Iranian thinkers: examining the adequacies of their theoretical articulations as the practical solutions for the challenges of contemporary Iran.

Also, as a lecturer in the anthropology of art (2018-2023), provided the theoretical framework that adopts a set of common concepts back and forth between anthropology, critical theory, and cultural studies such as liminality, rhizomatic spaces, structural dichotomy, and so on. This approach paved the road for his straightforward contributions to cinema studies, specifically the prominent films of Mohammad Rezā Aslāni.

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