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Manijeh Mannani



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Manijeh Mannani

Dr. Mannani’s research and teaching interests include Persian literature, comparative literature, poetry, and life-writing. Her publications consist of Divine Deviants: The Dialectics of Devotion in the Poetry of Donne and Rumi (Peter Lang, 2007) and Najvā: Selected poems of E.D. Blodgett in Persian (Nasl-i Nuvīn, 2006). She is the co-editor of Perspectives on Comparative Canadian Literature: A Tribute to E.D. Blodgett (CRCL: Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, forthcoming); Shades of Truth: Iranian Short Fiction of the Fifth Generation in Translation (Mazda Publishers, 2019); Familiar and Foreign: Identity in Iranian Film and Literature (Athabasca University Press, 2015); and Selves and Subjectivities: Reflections on Canadian Arts and Culture (Athabasca University Press, 2012). Speak Only of the Moon: A New Translation of Rumi (Guernica Editions, 2017) is a collection of ghazals and other poems by the Persian Sufi poet, Rumi, in English which she has published in collaboration with E.D.Blodgett.

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