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Parviz Jahed



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Parviz Jahed

Parviz Jahed, a film scholar and researcher, holds an MRes in Modern Languages from the University of Saint Andrews, UK. His expertise encompasses a wide range of subjects, including film studies, film theories, Iranian cinema (with a particular emphasis on its New Wave movement and Filmfarsi), world cinema, American Independent cinema, and art cinema. 

With extensive teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Parviz has covered topics such as film studies, scriptwriting, documentary film, film semiotics, history of cinema, world drama, Iranian dramatic literature, and sociology of film. He has delivered lectures and contributed writings extensively on Iranian cinema and world cinema, with his articles and film reviews appearing in reputable publications like Film International, Vertigo, Close-up, Fireflies, Cine-Eye, Universal Cinema, the BBC Persian, Phoenix Journal, Radiozamaneh, Iranwire, Film Magazine and Euronews. Parviz is the editor-in-chief of Cine-Eye film journal, which focused on independent and art cinema. He has also served as the guest editor for the special issue of Film International Journal on Iranian independent cinema (Intellect, January 2015). He authored the two-volume Directory of World Cinema: Iran, published in 2012 and 2017 by Intellect Publication. His latest book, titled The New Wave Cinema in Iran: A Critical Study, was published by Bloomsbury Publication in London in 2022. 

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Parviz is a filmmaker whose documentary films deal with the lives and cultural contributions of various artists, exploring their artistic visions and addressing social and political themes. Some of his notable films include Ta’zieh Another Narration (2000), Bonjour Monsieur Ghaffari (2011), Michael Culver: A Portrait of an Actor (2008), The Message of the Wall (2009), Maria: A 24-Hour Peace Picket, Day-Break (2007), and Coffee-Cup Reading (1996). Parviz is currently doing his PhD research on Ebrahim Golestan’s modernist films and fictions at the University of St Andrews.

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